The Art of Jelling

“Giving Satisfying Text” to the Object of Your Textual Desire in Today’s Gamified Dating Scene

By Julz Cukrov A Game of Texting with Textual Expectations Giving “good” text is the be-all-and-end-all in today’s gamified dating landscape. An insatiable desire for textual chemistry bordering on manic. Heaven forbid if your texting skills are anything less than extraordinarily witty. Doomed if they’re not. This is a game of uninhibited digital intimacies and fantasies,

How Most Social & Dating Apps Miss the Point

By Susan Guillory Social media. It’s become ingrained in how we live. When we have a happy moment to celebrate, we post an announcement to Facebook. When we eat an exceptional meal, we share it with our Instagram followers. But despite the fact that social media use is at an all-time high, it’s actually working

Smartphone addiction: Who’s the boss of this relationship?

By Joe Elvin Smartphones are marketed as devices that make us more productive, more connected, more successful. In most cases, they do the complete opposite. This problem doesn’t only affect Instagram-obsessed teenagers… The average American is addicted to their device, destroying their chances of success in business or fulfilment in their social lives. It’s definitely