Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Jelato a dating app? 

No, Jelato is a social networking app designed to help you meet and get to know all kinds of people.   Jelato is part of the real world though so connections made through Jelato can potentially lead to romantic relationships.  We believe that relationships founded on mutual respect and enjoyment of each other are the most rewarding – our aim is to help build these foundations.


  • Is Jelato Free?

Jelato is totally free! There are no charges for downloading and using the app. Enjoy the art of jelling!


  • Is Jelato available on IOS and Android?

Currently Jelato is available only on IOS devices.  Check our website or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram for future updates.


  • Can I filter people in any way? 

The only filtering function Jelato has is the ability to filter people based on their distance from where you are.
To set the range of distance, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select “CONNECT” mode
  2. Tap on the option icon in the top right corner
  3. Select the radar radius you want to set to (250m, 500m, 1km, 5km, 10km)


  • Can I Report/Block other users?

Yes. To report/block other users on chat mode, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select “CHAT” mode
  2. Select the person you want to report/ block
  3. Tap on the options icon in the top right corner of the chat screen
  4. Select “Report” or “Block” according to your need

Once blocked, the blocked user will not be able to see you on “CONNECT” mode or send you messages. We take user safety and security issues very seriously, so we recommend reporting if another user has sent inappropriate messages or made you feel uncomfortable.  When you report a user, please try to include as much information as possible to help us resolve the issue.


  • Can I unblock users?

Currently once a user is blocked they cannot be unblocked.


  • Do chat messages expire?

Messages disappear after 24 hours and if a chat remains inactive for 24 hours the chat feed with the other user will disappear. This is to keep your chat mode less cluttered and to make it easier to enjoy the moment you share with someone!


  • Experiencing bugs?

Jelato is still a new app and therefore may have a few glitches we weren’t aware of.  If you have experienced any glitches please contact us at and let us know. Thank you so much for your support and patience!


  • Nearby users aren’t appearing on Connect?

The Connect mode works on your phones GPS location technology which does not continually update, so sometimes you have to wait a few minutes and tap on the “Connect” icon or swipe down to refresh.  Otherwise, you may be in a location where other Jelato users aren’t active.


  • Can I share event invites with friends?

Yes. To share event invites with your friends, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select “EVENTS” mode
  2. Tap on the event you want to share
  3. Tap on the option icon in the top right corner of the event, next to the name of the event
  4. Select “Share event”
  5. Select a method through which you want to share the link to the event (text, email, or another app)


  • Additional Questions?

If you have a question that isn’t answered here then feel free to contact us at