The name Jelato is a play on two words: the English term to Jell –  to relate well to another; and the Japanese term for art – āto.

Jelato is a free social app based on the ‘art of jelling’ – a means of looking beyond the surface and seeing the connections you have with the people around you – providing the foundation for everything from simply good conversation to great relationships.

Jelato is the brainchild of two self-proclaimed introverts, Graham Dawson of Canada and Yui Tashima of Japan.  The two met in Vancouver, a notoriously difficult place to meet new people. At first they had little expectation of a lasting relationship developing, but over time they realized how much they shared similar passions and interests establishing a strong connection.  Their experience became the foundation of the ‘art of jelling’ with the hope to help people make significant connections with others and to make socializing less stressful and more positive and fun.